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Top 15 Films of 2015


As anyone who I’ve kept up regular contact with will probably know, my interests have shifted a bit from music to film (what I got my degree in) – hence a shift in this blog. I watch a lot more movies than I do listen to music at this point (I’ve seen well over 100 films from 2015 this year just to put things into perspective). Hopefully those who retain an interest in this blog and my writing and filmmaking and other stuff find this list at least somewhat interesting and maybe check out some of these films (if you haven’t seen them already).
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End of the Year, list, reviews

Top 15 Albums of 2015


Well my goal to keep on a regular reviewing schedule pretty much went out the window. Life takes over sometimes and then there are the times when I just don’t feel like writing anything. Maybe since I’m finished with school now I will be able to write more regularly about stuff (maybe being the key word here). Either way here’s my top 15 albums of this year (as well as a couple honorable mentions). I’ll be posting my favorite films of the year tomorrow.
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